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Depression is a serious yet treatable mental health disorder that can effect anyone no matter how strong his or her sense of direction is. Whilst depression is often associated with sadness and hopelessness, it often manifests itself in fits of rage, unnecessary risk taking, seeking isolation, and alcohol or drug abuses

Signs to watch out for:


Loss of energy – Loss of sex drive – Persistent pains – Changers of appetite – Lethargy – Exhaustion -  Restlessness – Alcohol or drug abuce.


Feeling Guilty – Feeling angry or violent – loosing interest in hobbies – Apathy – Thinking about death or suicide

Depression Men – v - Women.

Unlike women most men don’t exhibit the sad self-loathing behaviour we’ve come to associate with disease in fact men and women often deal with depression very differently.

Men tend to:

Blame others, feel angry irritated and ego inflated. Feel suspicious or guarded, create  conflicts, need to feel in control. Find it weak to admit despair. Use alcohol, drugs, TV and sports to self-medicate.

Depressed Women tend to:

Blame themselves, feel sad, apathetic and worthless. Feel anxious or scared, avoid conflict at all costs, nervous and slowed down. Have trouble setting boundaries.

Find it easy to talk about their despair, use food, friends and love to self medicate.

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