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Choosing a counsellor

Choosing a counsellor

  1. Make sure he or she is registered with a professional body such as BACP, BICA (British Infertility counselling association) UKRC (United Kingdom register of Counsellors), UKPC or a chartered member of the BPS (British Psychological Society). If in doubt, ask about his/her qualifications and check these with the relevant professional body
  2. Make sure there is a complaints and disciplinary procedure and he/she is working according to a professional code of ethics
  3. Ask for an initial two-way assessment session – remember, this is going to be an important relationship and it is worth waiting to find the right counsellor for you
  4. If you feel very uncomfortable with a counsellor, trust this instinct
  5. Sort out any payment arrangements at the outset
  6. Establish a contract – how long will you see this counsellor for, what will the review arrangements be, what are the cancellation fees if any?
  7. Talk to the counsellor – you can say anything you want!
  8. Be thoughtful and quiet if you want
  9. Bear in mind that counselling is rarely very easy

Expect changes not miracles

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