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Addiction sounds a strong word or concept however it has become a growing concern for all of us. It is difficult to find anyone nowadays who hasn’t been touched personally by some form of addiction. That may include being the person who is suffering, knowing someone who is struggling, or being a family member or loved one who is struggling with an addiction.

Addiction by definition is an attachment to a substance, usually alcohol or drugs but can also be one’s behaviour: eating, gambling, pornography, shopping or work. A person is unable to stop “over-doing things” regardless of the personal consequences - loss of family, work, friends, health, or life itself.

The person makes repeated promises to themselves and others that they will stop the behaviour however they are unable to this. This is the key to getting help - being able to see that something is a real problem in the first place and then having the courage to seek help. The long-term personal, social, physical, economic and legal consequences of addiction are astronomical once an addiction takes over a life.                

Since I work so much with pain and suffering, it is impossible not to notice the relationship between personal pain and suffering (trauma) and addiction. Substances and other addictive behaviours are the perfect, ever-available self-medication.                                                       

However, please note that addiction is highly complex bio-psycho-social disorder that cannot be completely defined by any one cause. As mentioned in previous paragraphs there appears to be many influences associated, i.e. Genetic, environmental (work –v- home), the brain (chemical imbalance) and individual resilience.                                                                                                                                                    If this is you or a loved one please seek professional help to re-engage in the happiness each and everyone deserves.


Pip Reilly

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